Site Troubles

So hosting a website from home is difficult. Most people haven’t been able to connect from outside my house yet! I hopefully have fixed all these problems without any big security warnings for you.

The problem was that Cox internet blocks port 80 incoming, the default that all browsers use for normal unsecured web browsing. One way that was available to connect to my site was using the HTTPS secured mode which connects through port 443. Although this worked, most browsers send up a big security warning because my self-signed SSL certificate is not recognized by anyone but me.

The solution was to do some forwarding magic. I use Dyndns for their dynamic IP hosts (that’s why I have to have dyndns in my name) and they allow two free hosts. I have one host (the  which points to my dynamic IP address and the now points to the -home address, port 8080. My router now forwards the port 8080 to my plugpc’s port 80, and everything is good! I also had to change the WordPress settings to set all the links to go to this new port 8080 as well.

I hope that everything is working for you now, and if it isn’t, leave a comment. I still don’t really know how users  work in WordPress yet, but you can comment anonymously and I’ll approve them.

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