Box Joint Jig

I created this last weekend to make the box joints I showed in the previous post. This is mostly just a cross cut sled that I am using as a guide to cut the joint fingers. The runners are pieces of old oak hardwood flooring from my house. I need to make one more runner on this because the table is too short and one end keeps popping out.

Right now I am marking one side of the board to be jointed with some calipers, then eye-balling the mark on the table saw. I then cut the slots by making a cut on the saw, moving the piece over slightly, and make another cut, until the slot is finished. I then mark the other piece with that, and repeat the cutting process.

The results are ok… some fingers are a bit loose and have gaps, some are so tight that the wood is cracking. I think I might get a dado blade and create a more precise jig for cutting the joints.

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