Jedi Knight

This page is all about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, remember that one? It was a great Star Wars game from 1997, and the game I first learned about modding.

Changing the game play of the game is very easy, just modify the .cog files with what ever you want. The level building was a bit different from what most games are like now. Instead of building with blocks on top of blocks, your start with a cube and live inside it, cutting the cube to the desired shape.

Here are some levels that I created:

Portal Land Link

This map was inspired by the Halo map Chiron TL-34, the one with all the portals.

Imperial Bay Link

This was my first map that I released. Here is the description I used at (Which actually still exists!):

This is a fairly small map made for saber dueling. It is supposed to be an Imperial Launching Bay. There are catwalks suspended over nothingness. If you fall and the shield is not on, you die. I recommend 2-4 players because it is such a small map. I hope you enjoy.


I don’t remember this one…

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