Quake 4

I never really played Quake 4 that much. I do remember playing Quake 2 multiplayer in high school graphics design classes, but never really got too far into the 4th incarnation.

I did dabble with the level building, but never finished. Here is what I did build:

Stoddard Dorm

This is a recreation of my freshman dorm. If you’ve ever gone to WPI, you might know of the Stoddard Complex. Its a set of 3 identical buildings with a small quad in the center. I thought this would be a great setting for a deathmatch map, and what better game to play a deathmatch than Quake!

Only one building was completed (Stoddard A, my building, the best Stoddard). This could of been replicated, but was never finished. I did get the waffle ceilings though!

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