Here are all my random projects.

Computer Desk Electronics

I am finally building a new desktop computer! My current ammo box is getting a little long in the tooth. You can look at my current specs in the table below and see how pitiful they are (my work laptop is now faster 🙁 ). This build was started when I got some new parts … Continue reading Computer Desk Electronics

Computer Desk Wood Work

The actual desk this brand new computer will sit in is yet to be completed. As of now, it is still an idea in my head, but I have been practicing the techniques I will need to construct this beast. The Plan There will be three parts to this build, the desk top, the desk … Continue reading Computer Desk Wood Work

SMD Circuit Etching

This past weekend, I decided to try to produce a printed circuit board. I also wanted a challenge (plus I need to fit the circuit into a small space), so I started with a surface mount board, with really tiny components. The circuit I started creating is a breakout board for the LY120 screen on … Continue reading SMD Circuit Etching

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