Space Ships

Ship Custimization

A player will have many choices when it comes to buying and building ships. Hopefuly each choice will be driven by a player run marketplace. Here are the choices:

  • Buy a complete ship from the market: The ship will come completely functional with installed systems and living areas. Players may sell old ships that they are not using or may have too much damage to deal with. Some might buy or manufacture the hull and modules and sell the new ship as a unit for profit. This will be the easiest method of getting a ship into space and will be the only way to purchase your starter ship.
  • Install modules in an empty hull: With player added hull designs, there should be plenty of slection to choose from. A player could find a hull baised on the mission they want to fufill or just how it looks. They will also buy or manufacture the modules they need seperately. Installing the modules will incur a small cost for labor, but it will be cheaper than replacing existing modules. A planner will be available to try out designs with reference modules or modules in your inventory.
  • Build hull and modules together: This method will be the cheapest way to create a usable ship. Since the hull is being built at the same time as module installation, the labor will be cheaper. To build ships, certain planet side buildings may have to be built. To build both the hull and modules together will need an investment in facilities. This might be a good way to make money in industry.
  • Modify existing ships: This will be the most expensive option in large operations, but the easiest way to improve your fleet. Ships that the player already owns can be upgraded with improved modules. There will be a ripout fee for all the modules that will be removed as well as the installation fee. Even though this may be the most expensive method, it will probably be cheaper than buying a new ship everytime an upgrade is needed.


Ship Crew

Each ship will require a crew of at least one, a pilot. The crew will control various aspects of the ship and give bonuses to certain systems. They will be hired from planets with a Space Flight Acadamy or a job market. Crew will need to be payed a salary depending on their experiance. They will also need to be kept happy with their ship’s acomodations, their pay, and the company.

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