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Its Alive! (The Computer)

After leaving the power supply unplugged from the motherboard and powering the water pump for about 24 hours, I was confident there were no leaks in the water cooling loop. I was excited to try everything out!

Even though there is no support for the PCI cards yet, the graphics card still stood in the slot as long as I didn’t shake it too hard. I also installed the memory sticks into four of the slots (quad channel!) and plugged the main power cable into the motherboard. I plugged an hdmi cable into my monitor switch, double checked everything was good and powered her up… Continue reading Its Alive! (The Computer)

Desk Computer Assembled

This weekend I finally made the push to assemble the new computer!

Shaping the Sled

20150111_214915Since the computer is going into a custom made desk, I also created a custom “sled” to hold all the components. I started with a piece of half inch plywood and cut it to about the size of the plate glass that will make up the desk top.

The first thing that was done was to drill nine holes to line up with the mounting holes on the motherboard.20150111_215605 The posts are 6-32 machine screws, countersunk to keep the bottom of the board flat (I’m not sure why it has┬áto be flat, it just seems like a good idea). Six nuts were then threaded on to create a standoff (later to be changed to 7 to accommodate wires). Continue reading Desk Computer Assembled

New Computer Parts

YEY!!! The rest of the computer parts finally came in! I’m excited.

I got the graphics card (GTX 970), the memory (16GB DDR4), and the power supply (850 Watts). I haven’t opened the boxes yet, except for the power supply. That came in a nice felt sack and all the wires came in a Velcro cloth bag.

Now I just need to get the desk box finished and try these things out! I might set up the water cooling system and plug everything in on my desk. I can then set up Windows 8 before the case is ready. Continue reading New Computer Parts

Box Joint Jig

I created this last weekend to make the box joints I showed in the previous post. This is mostly just a cross cut sled that I am using as a guide to cut the joint fingers. The runners are pieces of old oak hardwood flooring from my house. I need to make one more runner on this because the table is too short and one end keeps popping out.

Right now I am marking one side of the board to be jointed with some calipers, then eye-balling the mark on the table saw. I then cut the slots by making a cut on the saw, moving the piece over slightly, and make another cut, until the slot is finished. I then mark the other piece with that, and repeat the cutting process. Continue reading Box Joint Jig

Site Troubles

So hosting a website from home is difficult. Most people haven’t been able to connect from outside my house yet! I hopefully have fixed all these problems without any big security warnings for you.

The problem was that Cox internet blocks port 80 incoming, the default that all browsers use for normal unsecured web browsing. One way that was available to connect to my site was using the HTTPS secured mode which connects through port 443. Although this worked, most browsers send up a big security warning because my self-signed SSL certificate is not recognized by anyone but me. Continue reading Site Troubles

My New Website!

Hey! Look at this. I’m experimenting with a WordPress site now. Still changing the looks and things, so who knows what it will look like.

I’m hopeing to put up progress from all my projects, past and present (Even really old one that I’ve forgotten about). Keep comming back to see whats going on.